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Bad Breath: It’s Not Sexy

September 27, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you had bad breath? You do. When it comes to my friends, if I am near someone who’s halitosis is out of control, I will tell them.  Unfortunately, most people won’t. Most of the time, people are worried that telling a friend about their stinky mouth will embarrass them, so they keep quiet about it.  But then the situation never gets resolved, the offender is unaware and left wondering why nobody ever texts them for a second date.

If you are at all concerned (you should be), here are three quick things that will help.

1)  Check your diet. There are the obvious ones: onions and garlic.  But did you know that sugar is a major culprit as well? Instead, kick the carbs and opt for high fiber foods as a simple way to combat bad breath.

2)  Oral hygiene. No, brushing your teeth in the morning doesn’t give you a green light for the rest of the day. Brush after meals. Floss. Use mouthwash or oral rinses.  Think of bad breath as B.O. in your mouth. Your mouth is no different from the rest of your body.  If it is dirty, it stinks.

3)  Hydrate.  First and foremost, water water water. Aside from that, try to drink tea – ideally green or black tea. These types help reduce bacteria in your mouth.  Try not to drink alcohol. I can dehydrate you, making the problem worse.

If your problem persists after implementing these strategies, it may be time to discuss your concerns with your doctor or dentist. Bad breath can be a symptom of other health concerns.

Our mouth is one of the most intimate and important parts of our body. We use it to communicate, to express emotion and for sexual behavior. Bad breath may lead people to become self-conscious and in turn, cause other social problems.

It may be time to make a bad breath truth pact with your bestie. But if that’s not possible, chew some gum and remember, when it comes to bad breath, better safe than sorry!



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