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Happy Thanksgiving: What Are You Thankful For?

October 6, 2016

Here in Canada, this weekend is Thanksgiving. So, the staff at would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our readers! We hope that you love reading our articles as much as we love writing them, and we look forward to finding even more new and exciting health and wellness information to share with you in the months to come. As always, we welcome your ideas, insights and feedback, so if you have anything that you would like to share, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Hey everybody. It’s Erin. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought that I would take a minute to share with you what I am thankful for this year: mothers. For those of you who know me personally, you will know that for many years, my mother has been suffering from severe alcoholism. My mom isn’t able to be present at holidays, so my house during Thanksgiving is usually a little bit unconventional. I was never let in on any secret family recipes and was never taught to cook. So, for the most part, holidays at my house is just me winging it for the sake of my kids.

I understand the importance of tradition and try to provide that to my children. I cook the turkey and mash the potatoes and make the cranberry sauce, and do all the things that the mothers do in the movies. But for us, it always kind of feels like there is something missing. I think that it is probably my mom. I am thirty-four, and technically an adult, so probably shouldn’t “need” my mom anymore. But, of course, for most of you reading this, you know that you could actually be two hundred years old, and still always need your mom. So, to not have her around at holidays, can be difficult, to say the least.

Although my mom is absent, there are a lot of other mothers in my life, who each, in their own small way, do their part to fill the void for myself and my children. To these women, I am more thankful than I could ever express in these words. I am so appreciative for the mothers who give us a little bit of what we have lost.

I am thankful to my neighbor, who remembers my children’s birthdays and brings them each a card filled with money and candy each year. I am thankful to all my friends who will drive my kids to their activities, or take them on trips or for sleepovers. I am thankful for my walking buddy who gives me an hour and a half every day to refocus and recharge. I am thankful to the school bus driver who gave puppies to my children because she knew that they needed a little bit of extra love.  I am thankful to all the mothers who meet me for dinner, and for my aunt who texts me to tell me that she loves me. I am thankful for the women who ignore the fact that I hate hugs and hug me anyway. I am thankful for the people who cry with me instead of trying to make me feel better.

Whatever your family is like, or your house feels like at this time of year, I hope that all of you take a minute this Thanksgiving to acknowledge the people in your world that make it a little brighter. Remember that we are all a part of something bigger, and we all count on each other for support and happiness. So, make sure that you take a minute to appreciate yourself too, and know that you, in return, are making someone else’s life a little better too.



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